A Blast From The Past:

Sizelove’s Goblet and Borosilicate Workshops

Steve teaches individual workshops at his home studio in
Richmond, Indiana, as well as group classes at facilities
across the U.S. and Canada. Individual workshops generally
follow the two-course descriptions below but are flexible to
cater to the specific needs and desires of the students.
Safe working habits are always emphasized.

Please contact Steve at info@stevesizelove.com for more
information and scheduling for private lessons.

The Past 2009 Workshop Schedule

Halo Glass, Fort Collins, CO – July 29-31
Toledo Museum of Art, OH – August 8-9
Neusole, Cincinnati, OH – September 12-13
Flameworks, Austin, TX – November 21-22

Please call or email for detailed information.

Building on Your Fundamentals

In this workshop, Steve will guide students toward a more complete
understanding of borosilicate hollow work. The emphasis will be placed
on heat base and heat gradation to create color tubing. Continuing the
discussion of heat, sections of tubing will be used to demonstrate that
the base shape of a bubble can become any hollow form, from goblet
cups and feet to encalmo sections to vessels, etc.

Steve will demonstrate the proper use of jacks, cup shears, and diamond
shears to shape the bubble into the desired form. Specific forms and tubing
techniques will be flexible, allowing students to guide the project toward their
specific interests. Please contact Steve at (765) 960-5148 with any questions
or concerns.

Beginning Flameworking with Steve Sizelove

In this two day introductory course, glass artist Steve Sizelove
will expose students to working with borosilicate solid glass rod
and tubing using a torch. A great emphasis will be placed on safe
working habits while students explore properties of clear and color
glass through demonstrations and hands-on time.

To help with understanding the glass, Steve will lead a discussion on
heat base, heat gradation, the properties of the flame, and annealing.
Students will be shown the techniques used to create jewelry and
small bottles. Please contact Steve at (765) 960-5148 with any
questions or concerns.

Please email Steve with other workshop suggestions!

Goblets Workshop from 2009: An Instructional Demonstration

Steve is happy to announce the release of Goblets:
an Instructional Demonstration. This video featuring
picture-in-picture, multi-camera angles, and educational
graphics was created for beginner to intermediate
enthusiasts of borosilicate goblets.

In part one, Steve shows the steps and techniques
used to make one of his Accent Goblets. Part two
begins with using the blowout technique to turn
solid rod into tubing for a goblet top and foot. Then
Steve moves on to show the assembly of a compli-
cated architectural structure which surrounds a
previously made mermaid.

Look for it at your favorite glass supplier.